promotes a better world

Vision & Mission :
Vision:   THERESSA MAHILA MANDALI visualize a just society, where the people live with peace, equity and justice and the people of poor and marginalized have equal opportunity for their fullest development.

Mission : THERESSA MAHILA MANDALI facilitates the participatory partnership with the people and its organizations to empower the lives of underprivileged/ marginalized children, women and communities.

Legal Status  :

Legal Status                          :   Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of1860.

Registration No.                     :  1369/1994

Date of the Registration         :  22-10-1994

Pan No.                                  :  AABAT1067E

F.C.R.A No                             :  010180254

Aims and objects of the Society :

1. ‘Women development’ is the main objective of the TMM and To empower the women through education, self help, cooperative,          Net work and        to access rights.

2. To rehabilitate child labour and empower the children on their rights.

3. To promote education, Awareness, Skills and IT through establish the educational institutions, Centers, Hostels and vocational           trainings.

4. To empower youth and adolescents to provide vocational / skill development trainings for sustainable livelihoods and                        employment.

5. To transform the technology and IT for the development of agriculture, livelihoods and living conditions.

6. To prevent and control HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Swine flu and to establish clinics, rehabilitation centers and home for affected,           infected and orphans.

7. To restore, regenerate the Environment to keep up Eco balance and to control the climate change.

8. To rehabilitate Lepers, Blind, Child labour, Sex workers, drug addicts, senior citizens, disabled and orphans.

9. To provide relief, Rehabilitation to victims of natural and man made disasters.

10. To develop the Rural and Urban Communities in Socially, Economically, Culturally, health and environmentally.

11. To mobilize the resources from Government, NGO’s, Financial Institutions and Donors within the Country and abroad to achieve         the Aims and Goals of the society.

12. To prevail Peace, Justice, Harmony, Rights and Equality to the all sections of the society.

13. To serve the Nation Irrespective of Caste, Creed, Colour, Religion and Race And To promote the National Integration in the             Indian Society.

Area of operation:

The principal area of operation is Westgodavari And East godavari Districts in Andhra Pradesh, India. 

Founder & President :

Smt. K.Nagalakshmi


Received District Best organization Award   2010 -11 by District collector through ministry of sports &youth affierReceived District Best Youth Leader Award 2009-10